Case study

Redesigning Vesuvio Labs Website

Vesuvio Labs is a vertically integrated Venture Builder that provides digital transformation and artificial intelligence across the insurance supply chain.

The goal of Vesuvio is to change the insurance industry into a faster, cheaper and more accessible one. Helping founders with technical execution, leveraging its' core components and experience. Helping incumbents transform their business processes with its' Automation-as-a-Service model.

My Role

Ideation, Visualization, Information Architecture, UX/UI Design, Graphics/Illustration, Interaction Design, Branding Guidelines




The bounce rate of the previous website is very high. As Insurtech and Fintech are rapidly growing in the UK market, the Vesuvio labs have a higher chance to lose their customers.


By creating a very attractive UI/UX with a content-rich website can get customer retention. So I had worked very hard to make the best out of it. I brainstorm for every banner, illustration, and icons to create aesthetically pleasant to eyes and informative as well. I had also prioritized the "Request a demo" and "contact" sections into most of the relevant pages so that the interested customer can explore the products and get in touch.


After requirement gathering and brainstorming, I come up with the visualization. I started with the sketches. I always love to start with the sketches. Initially, I draw the rough site flow which behaves as a bird's-eye view of the website. It clarifies me to easily scan the flow of the whole website and it also will help on efficiency to get from point A to point B.

Once the base is set up like the site flow, information architecture I started working on the wireframe and low field prototype.

Wireframe and low field prototype of the Vesuvio Lab's website

Design guidelines of the website.




Some illustration and photo manipulation I did for the website. Everything is originally created for the Vesuvio Labs.


I love creating icons by myself. It's very challenging and interesting work because, in the 24px, 48px icon size, you need to convey the message that it's trying to say.

Some Icons I had made for the websites:

Visual design

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