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Munin provides specialized OCR solutions tailored for the finance and insurance industry. The platform for unlocking value from paper forms and unstructured data, supporting to make more timely decisions, reduce the cost of processing and provide better customer service. It is the gateway to a true digital transformation.

Its main goal is to minimize the time of scanning the hectic manual scanning documents and digitalized in a matter of time with the help of Machine learning.

My Role

  • UX/UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end development




Since old insurance businesses are evolving and moving into the digitalized world. They need a platform to digitalize their hard copy documents. This is where OCR comes into the main role play. The business would have huge numbers of documents that need to be digitalized so our main challenge is to provide the platform where they can create their own parser rules that can be easily applied to a number of documents that will convert into digitalized form. For this, UX plays a vital role and our goal is to provide a fast and good usability experience for the diverse user.


I had started with user-flow after understanding the requirements, goals, vision and users.

Early insights

After the user flow was finalized I started with wireframes where we used the Balsamiq software. In the wireframe, I mainly focused on the three aspects, feature, functionality, and content.

After a couple of iterations, we finalized the wireframe using the Balsamiq basic prototype features. We internally did usability testing with the low-fidelity prototype. After this, I jumped into the Crazy 8s to come up with a great layout that will provide good usability and information architecture. I did Crazy 8s for main pages like the dashboard, create parser page, and parser detail page.

During User Interface design I focus on both types of users (first-time and regular users).

Above shows the UI of creating parser where I come up with progressive form fill up approach which helps users the visibility of the status and error prevention by providing the info.
Overview of the parsing page section where the user can easily search parameters of the scanned document.
A micro-interaction of preprocessing data which I created by using only HTML5 and CSS3. Micro-interaction is very important to delight users, it helps to communicate status, provide feedback and help users to see the result of their actions. You can get the code here codepen link

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