Case study

Kantipur TV App

Kantipur TV HD is the most popular TV channel in Nepal, bringing Nepal to its audiences.

Its programs provide in-depth analyses about the issues of the day and reflect the people’s voices. Its shows explore the multidimensional impacts of important events, by framing them in formats that range from news bulletins, interviews, and features to satires, comedies, and social drama. Kantipur TV HD captures the many colors our lives are imbued with.

My Role

Ideation, Visualization, Information Architecture, Userflow, UI Design, Graphics/Illustration, Interaction Design




The key problem is transferring the data and web experience into a new mobile version while adhering to branding standards. Numerous people utilize Kantipur TV both domestically and abroad. Therefore, it is my responsibility to provide the best, most intuitively simple experience possible.


I immediately started building the wireframe and low-field prototype after finishing the information architecture and user flow.

Wireframe and low field prototype of the Kantipur TV App

Design guidelines.



Image & Video

All images and videos dimension is followed by a 16:9 ratio

Main Screens

A user can watch a live show that is being broadcast on TV while also exploring other shows, viewing a list of previous episodes, reading the most recent featured news, and setting show reminders.

Empty state Screens

The following platforms allow you to test the app.

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