Niraj Shakya

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Niraj Shakya

Hello, I'm UX/UI designer who is passionate about designing and solving complex problems, making simple and intuitive design solutions that give a delightful, intuitive experiences experience to the users by focusing on the business goals. I do end to end UX process from user research, user journey, information architecture, user flow, screen flow, task flow, wireframing, low/high field prototype. I love to crack the complexity into simplicity.

I also do graphic/logo design, front-end build( use SASS, BEM, SMACSS, and semantic coding), and UX consultancy.

Currently, I'm working as Head of UX/UI design at Vesuvio Labs.

I am open to any small/big projects that are fun and challenging. You can ping me for any projects or have a cup of coffee together.


Niraj Shakya


  • Awarded as "Best Newcomer Idea on Artificially Enhanced Banking" in, July, 2016
  • Awarded as "Outstanding Performance & Highly Creative" in Braindigit IT Solution, Gyaneshor, Kathmandu, March, 2014
  • Awarded as “Certificate for The Most Creative Employee” in Braindigit IT Solutions, Gyaneshor, Kathmandu, 01 Febraury, 2013.
  • Honored as “Certificate for Best Designer” in Link Plus Offshore, Bagdole, Lalitpur 16th March, 2010.

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Niraj Shakya

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